RIBOPRO was founded with the mission to bring mRNA therapies to the patient, in collaboration with you, at scale. This mission resonates in all our actions and decisions. Thus, we invest heavily in R&D, knowledge, and product quality, to deliver you the best.

Highly motivated

Mission-driven service

RIBOPRO’s founders believe that in 20 years from now, more than 90% of new medicines will be RNA-based, resulting in radically enhanced safety and efficacy of medicines.
This can only become reality with access to transformative technologies, high quality materials, and deep knowledge. That is what we on a daily basis work on.
We are motivated to go the extra mile to deliver tangible benefits to you. These include industry-leading turn-around, custom assays and formats, knowledge-driven advice, and much more.

Because science cannot wait

Industry-leading turnaround

Whether you are working on your next scientific breakthrough, or developing a vaccine or therapy, time is of the essence. As scientists and drug-developers ourselves, we complete understand this.

Therefore, we built our manufacturing process as a scalable, automated system, suported by smart software, to deliver the shortest timeline possible. We save time by reducing administrative burdens, starting from agreeable terms, and continuously improving our process.

From the first discussion to the delivery of your custom product, we take on average 4-5 weeks. This includes up to 3 weeks de novo DNA synthesis, cloning into IVT-ready vectors, IVT, purification, QC, and optionally formulation.

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Keen on knowledge

Deep understanding of mRNA

From a decade of experiments with mRNA and more than 5 years of mRNA-specific drug-development experience, RIBOPRO’s founding team has developed a deep understanding on mRNA and formulation. Currently, this knowledge is rapidly expanded by the massive number of customer-provided sequences that RIBOPRO manufactures at R&D-grade, and through strong in-house research programs.

We use our unique knowledge to help you make the critical choices that affect your chances of experimental and/or clinical success, and influence the entire life-cycle of your product.


A head start

Unique technologies

The performance of an mRNA vaccine or therapy is largely dictated by the quality of the material, but even more so by the underlying mRNA- and delivery-technologies.
Each part of the multi-component, intricate composition can have tremendous (side)effects. Advances in the field follow each other rapidly, but access is hampered by industry-owned patents.
Therefore, we develop novel technologies related to the mRNA, the LNP-formulation, and the manufacturing of both. As RIBOPRO customer you have direct access to these technologies, providing you a head start in the competitive marketspace.

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RIBOPRO is the only CDMO with an extensive technology portfolio, providing customers FTO.

Sander van AsbeckCEO / Founder

Planning ahead

Seamless transition from R&D to GMP, and beyond

When developing novel medicines, it is essential to plan ahead. Therefore, RIBOPRO has designed its manufacturing processes with scaling and GMP-compliance in mind. This ensures a smooth transition from preclinical studies to the clinical and commercial phase.

Our process scales from microgram scale to 100’s of grams. Through the development of an innovative continuous flow production machine, we aim to offer drug substance and drug product at kg-scale per 24 h, starting in 2024.
Built around a fully enclosed, single-use container format, multi-product manufacturing in the same cleanroom is enabled by default, providing economic operation when smaller volumes are required.

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Matching your needs

Sensible scaling

We offer starting amounts of 100 µg, optionally in a high-throughput format, for preclinical research and screening studies of R&D-grade mRNA and LNP-formulated mRNA. These small amount can be delivered in well-plates or tubes. Larger volumes up to 100 gram are delivered bulk-packaged in suitable containers with sterile evacuation options.
GMP-grade API starts at 10mg for late-stage preclinical studies, scaling to up to 100 gram per batch for larger phase III studies.
These volumes support pre-clinical studies, personalized medicine applications, clinical trials, and even commercial needs in the rare disease space.

No limit on innovation

Fierce flexibility

We are only at the start of the mRNA revolution, therefore our insights into the ideal composition of an mRNA vaccine or therapeutic improves continuously. To support these innovations, we purposefully introduced flexibility into our process, allowing us to be flexible on DNA template input, nucleotide chemistries, and LNP compositions.

What remains constant is our fierce focus on high quality, well-controlled processes, and repeatability.

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