LNP formulation

Any mRNA purchased from RIBOPRO can be formulated into lipid nano particles (LNPs) either with lipids being supplied by our customers or our proprietary lipids.

Our specialty is to formulate RNA in LNPs using the proprietary lipids and the unique formulation technology we develop at RIBOPRO.

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  • High mRNA delivery efficiency
  • Low toxicity and immunogenicity
  • Expanded control over bio-distribution

Custom LNP formulation

Our specialty is formulation in LNPs using the proprietary lipids and the unique microfluidic system we develop at RIBOPRO. Our LNPs display high mRNA delivery efficiency with low toxicity and immunogenicity, which is ideal for therapeutic use.

By using a novel core lipid system, our LNPs show a substantially lower bio-distribution to the liver, allowing the (active) targeting towards other organs. The ionizable lipids we developed have an extraordinary low toxicity and immunogenicity, while having a reasonably high endosomal escape activity.

Our services include:

  1. Producing nanoparticles of defined size (80-250nm, PDI <0.02)
  2. Buffer exchange (via dialysis)
  3. Dilution or concentration (0.01-2mg/ml mRNA, standard 0.1mg/ml)
  4. Quality control (size and PDI by DLS)
  5. Packaging and shipping



When ordering custom mRNA-LNP formulation, you have various choices and options to customize the product to your exact needs. Is your favorite option not listed? Please contact us and we are happy to discuss a custom project with you.

Choice Description
Formulation We have a list of standard LNP formulations ready to use based on your application.
Target delivery We can co-develop target delivery LNPs using our proprietary lipids.
Buffer Phosphate pH6-8, standard pH7.4
Citrate pH4-6
MES pH5.5-6.5
Other buffer upon request
Sterile filtering 0.22um (recommended)
QC assays Zèta-potential by DLS
Surface-charge by TNS
RNA-encapsulation by RiboGreen

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