Our company

At RIBOPRO, we are on a mission to revolutionize medicine, through mRNA.

This mission can only be achieved by collaborating with innovators around the world. And so, we are working hard every day to be the best partner in mRNA.

Dream ahead

Our vision

In 20 years from now, 90% of all new medicines will be RNA-based,​ because of the radically enhanced safety and efficacy of this class of therapeutics. With the power of mRNA, chronic illnesses ​will be curable, deadly diseases survivable, and rare disease treatment affordable.

Beyond medicine, (m)RNA will contribute to answers to the most important ecological, health, and food challenges we face today. Together, we can make this a reality, if we dare to follow our dreams.


Our mission

​It is our mission to revolutionize medicine by being the most innovative and supportive technology partner for RNA-therapy pioneers.
Together, we will create scientific breakthroughs, bring novel, better medicines to the patient, or address other societal challenges, such as the environment.

About us

Founded by scientists, our company is built on more than a decade of hands-on experience with mRNA synthesis and formulation. And we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise.

We started RIBOPRO from a desire to help innovators around the world bring new medicines to the patient. We believed access to high-quality material and to technologies that affect the performance of the drug were critical to that mission. Thus, through in-house research, we developed both the manufacturing processes for high quality mRNA and LNPs, and developed novel technologies to boost the performance of the mRNA/gain control over the delivery. These technologies not only provide better outcomes, but also provide freedom to operate in an otherwise competitive marketplace.

We go beyond. Beyond the expected, by challenging the status quo. By thinking ahead and working harder we achieve more. For us going above and beyond is our daily routine. We do so because we have a clear vision of the rewards when we do.

Our history


Building experience with mRNA

Apr 2020

Founding of RIBOPRO at PivotPark

Apr 2020

Filing first patent on mRNA modification

Febr 2021

Seed funding by smart money (€1.3mio)

Oct 2021

Wellcome Leap R3-grant (€3.5mio)

Febr 2022

10x growth (customers, revenue, etc.)

April 2022

Expansion of laboratories with 100m2

May 2022

Hiring of 20th employee to the team

Sept 2022

In-house enzyme production

Oct 2022

Expansion of offices with 75m2

Q1 2023

Opening of our GMP Facility

Our team

a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals

Open popup about Sander van Asbeck

Sander van Asbeck

CEO & co-founder
  • 10+ yrs of experience
  • Technology & vision
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Open popup about Silvy van Tuijl

Silvy van Tuijl

Chief of Staff
  • 25+ yrs of experience
  • Facilities, HR, Legal
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Open popup about Yvette Zimmerman

Yvette Zimmerman

Chief Operating Officer
  • 25+ yrs of experience
  • GMP & Quality
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Open popup about Marc Penders

Marc Penders

Head of Innovation
  • 3+ yrs of experience
  • R&D-grade mfg.
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Synergistic value creation

Our partners

To offer our customers the best service possible, we collaborate with the best.

Partner with us

For investors

To accelerate the growth of RIBOPRO, we are currently working on a Series A investment round. With this round, we aim to become a house-hold name in the mRNA field and expand our technology leadership position. We prefer to build a syndicate with both industry knowledge and follow-up investment capabilities represented.

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Real-world evidence

What our customers say

"The staff at RiboPro have been very friendly and helpful throughout the ordering process."

Ben Wylie

"High quality reagents, clear communication and overall great service."

Joy Seiler

“RiboPro offers not only high-quality mRNA but also very helpful and fast support on all matters concerning mRNA.”

Jana Schembera


“Good service paired with quick delivery and competitive pricing. Quality of delivered material was also very good. I can recommend RiboPro as a supplier of mRNA material.”

Arturs Aksjonovs

“RiboPro provided both the expert support and synthesized the high-quality mRNA to make our first gene manipulation experiments a resounding success. Furthermore, RiboPro was able to provide the mRNA constructs at an inordinate speed.”

Aviad Pato

Head of research at Gamida Cell

“Initially my results with mRNA were suboptimal, however with the support and dedication from the professionals at RiboPro, I was able to further optimize my experiments in such a way that my experiments turned out more successful.”

Jitske Jansen

Post-doc researcher Radboudumc

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