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Benefits of RiboPerform mRNA

RiboPerform mRNA is ultra-pure and sequence optimized,
made with RiboPro’s patent-pending methods

  • Why it matters

    The performance of a messenger RNA greatly depends on the design of the sequence, the quality of the synthesis, chemical modifications of specific bases and the purity of the end-product. Introducing a sub-optimal mRNA into cells is known to trigger the innate immune response; resulting in lower protein expression, cellular toxicity and the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

    To deliver the highest quality of mRNA, we developed both an optimized mRNA synthesis protocol, which yields ultra-pure mRNA devoid of dsRNA, and methods to optimize any wild-type mRNA sequence. Our patent-pending mRNA sequence optimization method allows the use of canonical nucleotides, while preventing intra-cellular innate immunity at least equally well to chemically modified nucleotides.