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Property Description
Color Yellow-Green luminescense
Emission max 550nm
Mutations N50D, N119G, T214A, A215L, I232A, F295L, E354K, D404N, C-terminal SKL->IAV
Scale Standard scales from 100ug to 1mg direct from stock, or custom scales from 1mg
Cap Cap-0; standard capping, 95%+ capping
A-tail 120nt A-tail
dsRNA/DNA Removed/Removed
Purification 3x silica column
Labelling none
Length (total) 1811 (incl. 120nt A-tail)
5’UTR High activity
3’UTR Normal stability
Molecular weight 588048.4 gr/mol
GC-content 43.9%
fmols/ng 1.70