Fluorescently labelled mRNA

See where the mRNA is going, because it is brightly glowing.

Fluorescently labelled RNA is perfect for proving intra-cellular delivery, bio-distribution of the mRNA itself or the intactness of the delivery vehicle.

Fluorescent labels can be incorporated with various properties to match your experimental need & imaging possibilities:

  • various colors (blue to near-infra-red)
  • customizable labelling degree
  • pH-sensitivity
  • photo-stability/photo-bleachable
  • quenchable

Any sequence can be labelled; including any custom RNA that you order through our custom RNA synthesis service. Since the sequences are perfectly the same, you have the most perfect control possible. In addition to labelling of your custom mRNA, we offer several off-the-shelf mRNAs with fluorescent-labelling; affordable and quick.

Did not find what you where looking for? Contact us, and we make something special for you!

0+ brilliant colors to choose from. From blue to NIR.
0% of total nucleotides can be labelled. Weak to Ultra-bright.
0 is our low starting price for fluorescent-label RNA.

Standard available colors to label RNA

The RNAssembler™ STARTER-fluorescence
The RNAssembler™ PRO-fluorescence
Order off-the-shelf fluorescent-labelled RNA

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