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Custom mRNA

Starting from €660 For research & development
  • Produced to your exact specifications
  • Our experts help design your mRNA if desired
  • Any length sequence to 15k nt (longer upon request)
  • Fast delivery

Off-the-shelf reporter mRNA

Starting from €250 Affordable & ready-to-use
  • Directly available off-the-shelf
  • Verified to work
  • Perfect as control or to prove delivery
  • Most affordable options

Labelled RNA

Starting from €300 Fluorescence, biotin and more
  • Fluorescent-labels for localisation
  • Biotin-labels for capture
  • Equal distribution over RNA
  • Available as capped and uncapped RNA


Starting from €9,50 Don't let RNAses ruin your work
  • Full-service detection of RNAse
  • Fast delivery of results
  • Quantitation of RNAse activity
  • Recommendations on how to solve

RNA kits

Starting from €300 RNA + accessory products = success
  • Convenient ready-to-start formats
  • All reagents are size-matched
  • Only the best materials

Accessory products

Starting from €1 To make your experiment a success
  • RNAse-free gloves, tips and tubes
  • Buffers, dyes and transfection reagents
  • Plate & tube coolers to keep RNA fresh

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