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We design, synthesize and formulate high-quality mRNA

Full-service mRNA synthesis by mRNA-specialists

RiboPro is a full-service provider of custom and off-the-shelf messenger RNA (mRNA) and long-non-coding RNA (lncRNA). Our service contains 4 key elements, that you may order in combination or as stand-alone service:

1. We design mRNA with a desired expression profile (high-low, long-short, conditional).
2. We synthesize high-quality, high-purity mRNA.
3. We formulate the mRNA in peptide, polymer or lipid nanoparticles.
4. We perform mRNA contract-research (activity testing, expression profiling, release from biomaterials, etc.).

What is included in our custom mRNA synthesis service?
  1. Free mRNA design (see our terms and conditions)
  2. De novo DNA synthesis if needed (you may also provide a template)
  3. RNA synthesis
  4. A-tailing to desired length
  5. Capping (ARCA or enzymatic)
  6. Triple purification
  7. Quality control (length, A-tail length, purity)
  8. Packaging and shipping

You may choose from various options:

  1. Cap modification (Cap1)
  2. Dephosphorylation
  3. Desired concentration and buffer
  4. Aliquoting into multiple tubes
  5. Custom labelling for identification
What is our turn-around time for custom mRNA?

As scientists ourselves, we understand the pressures you are under, and time is of the essence. Therefore, we optimized our process to finish mRNA synthesis in 2-3 days.

If you send us a ready-to-use template arriving Wednesday latest, you may expect your product to be send the next Monday.
If your order requires de novo DNA synthesis, it typically takes 2-3 weeks (4 weeks due to COVID-19) to complete your order.

Because mRNA is a sensitive molecule, we ship on dry ice and are therefore bound to shipping on Mondays/Tuesdays (for nearby locations).

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How do we design your mRNA?

mRNA design influences expression a lot; the 5'UTR, the 3'UTR, the codon usage, secondary structure, type of capping and A-tail length all influence performance.

By choosing for RiboPro, you get access to mRNA experts that can turn any wild-type coding sequence into a high-performance mRNA. They will either design the complete mRNA, or just the parts you request.

When designing your mRNA, they use proprietary software to test in silico every combination of tried and tested UTRs and coding sequences designed with our patent pending method until they find an mRNA that fits your application.

What formulation services do we offer?

Any mRNA purchased from RiboPro can be formulated into a selection of nano-particle technologies, including cationic peptides, cationic or ionizable polymers and lipids. We do not formulate mRNA obtained elsewhere. Our formulation service includes:

  1. Producing nanoparticles of defined size
  2. Buffer exchange if desired (via dialysis)
  3. Dilution or concentration if desired
  4. Quality control (size by DLS)
  5. Packaging and shipping

You may choose from various options:

  1. Buffer
  2. Sterile filtering
  3. QC-assays: Zeta-potential/TNS/RNA-inclusion
What CRO services do we offer?

Not everyone has access to a lab or the time to do basic mRNA testing. Alternatively, you may lack mRNA-specific knowledge or equipment. When ordering mRNA from RiboPro, you don't have to have any of that; you have access to RiboPro CRO.

RiboPro offers the following mRNA-focused (standard) CRO services.

  1. mRNA activity testing
  2. Protein expression profiling
  3. Immunological activation testing
  4. Toxicity testing (in vitro only)
  5. Release from bio-material testing

Other tests/assays may be available upon discussion.

How does it work?

At RiboPro, we are committed to making your life easier. Thus, we are working hard on also making the ordering of mRNA quick and easy. At the moment, you may order in the following ways:

  1. Assemble your mRNA with the our mRNAssembler™
  2. Send us an email via the contact form detailing your needs

Next, we get to work: we check your sequences, assess the work to be done and provide you with a quotation within 24h (mostly within 2 hours, so monitor your mailbox).
If you agree with the quotation, we get started immediately with at-risk production while you arrange a P.O. number, or we wait for the P.O. number to be arranged (based on your preference).

During production, we do the following things:

  1. Optimize the sequence if desired
  2. Communicate optimized sequences back to you (optional)
  3. Order DNA if needed
  4. Perform RNA synthesis
  5. Perform Quality Control
  6. Arrange shipping
  7. Check if material has arrived complete and correct
  8. Send invoice
  9. Follow-up to help you with your experiments if needed

For planning purposes, you will receive updates at steps 2, 4 and 6.

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