RiboPro officially 1 year!

2 min reading time News 05 Apr ‘21

On the second of April 2021, RiboPro is officially 1 year old and that is cause for celebration. Especially, since we started during a difficult time, in which lab-access, funding and collaborations were all under pressure. We are grateful that the past year was a great success. We were lucky to be able to further validate our service, file our first patent and ultimately obtain funding to grow.

Our origin story
These successes were build on a foundation that was created years before; from a pilot service, which we initially ran from within Mercurna, our mRNA-focused R&D company. With this service, we supplied several customers in our nearby environment with mRNA. Those were mostly people that we already knew. The service was based on our generic process of mRNA synthesis, which yielded high-quality mRNA simply by our great attention to detail. At Mercurna, this service would always have remained insignificant. Because Mercurna was (and is) focused on mRNA-based drug-development, the service was a distraction. And all resources were (and should be) allocated to drug-development.
Therefore, in the beginning of 2020, we decided to give this service a real fighting chance and incorporated RiboPro. Immediately, we began working on our differentiating technologies, which now include a patent-pending method to de-immunize mRNA, optimized mRNA synthesis methods that reduce the amount of dsRNA, ARCA-Amplify technology and proprietary 5′ and 3’UTR libraries. In addition, we started investing in our proprietary nanoparticle technology for efficient mRNA delivery. Together, these technologies form the basis for our superior products, which have satisfied customers and returned them to us.

The road ahead
For our second official year, we continue our quest for high quality products, high service, at very affordable prices. We continue to innovate both on our core product and the accompanying service. As we truly believe that this will help us achieve our mission of better science, more effective medicine and faster vaccine development.

Until next year!


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