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Support from research through clinical to commercial phase

A few examples of how you may partner with RiboPro

Simply supply

This most straight-forward type of partnership with RiboPro; we supply mRNA and/or LNPs on-demand to you. You may use these products for research and development purposes, with peace of mind that we will help you with any mRNA-related question along the way. We also have every intention to support your commercial ambitions based on our products. Simply order via our website and you have a partner devoted to your success.

In addition to our products, we also offer on-demand services with respect to mRNA and it potential applications. These services range from helping with writing the mRNA-specifics in your grant-application/paper, to contract research services mRNA-experiments. It is our mission to make you successful with mRNA.

We provide momentarily a large number of researchers with mRNA coding for a wide range of proteins, provide advice on the development of several mRNA therapeutic products and provide CRO-activities to various parties.


Some customers develop products that can be used in sync with mRNA. A logical thought is to mutually promote each other's product to our respective customers. For example a provider of delivery vehicles orders our mRNA, is enthusiastic and recommends our product to his users. In return, RiboPro tests the delivery vehicles and promotes these to her mRNA customers, if they meet our quality standards.

This arrangement could work for a variety of products, including buffers, RNA electrophoresis products, siRNA/miRNA/AON, and diagnostic products.

RiboPro is currently open to co-promotional partnerships.


Some products pair so well together that it makes more sense to supply them as an integrated product. Particular examples include mRNA and a delivery vehicle, or a combination of specific mRNAs for a specific purpose, or a specific mRNA in combination with a siRNA/miRNA/AON. Under the right conditions, RiboPro is interested in co-developing commercial products.

RiboPro is currently looking for partners to co-develop a stem-cell product.

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The benefits of partnering with RiboPro

mRNA expertise

We are specialists in mRNA & LNP
  • 7+ years active in mRNA-field
  • High-quality mRNA is standard
  • Many modification options available
  • Special requirements possible


We got you covered from A-to-Z
  • <24h answer to question guarantee
  • mRNA + LNP = one-stop-shop
  • CRO-service (for virtual biotechs)
  • GMP & clinical dev support


We are here to stay
  • Own IP on tech used
  • Robust IP & product pipeline
  • Experienced team
  • Strong syndicate of investors