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Upon receiving your request, our molecular biology experts first design the sequence based on your specifications and use case. Next, they determine manufacturability of both template DNA and mRNA , using our proprietary algorithms. This gives us the best chance of producing a high quality mRNA for you, even though some sequences can be unexpectedly challenging.

Based on the work we expect to need to do, you will receive a quotation at the specified email address. Once you accept the quote, we send you a binding sales order and we get to work. If de novo DNA synthesis and cloning is required, typically within 4-5 weeks your product is ready for shipment. Of course, you will receive an email when you can expect your product to arrive.

If the mRNA adheres to our internal quality standards, we ship right away. However, some sequences are particularly challenging and result in deviations from the quality standard. In the rare cases this happens, we can do 2 things: 1) we can try to optimize the production process, or 2) you can accept the deviations to get you product in hand faster, and we can advice if and how it may affect the performance of the product. Meanwhile, we would continue at our cost to optimize the process for your sequence.

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What our customers say

“We are RiboPro customer since 2020 and we are satisfied about their products. We also appreciate very much the customer service. The team is very cooperative and helpful, communication is clear, precise and always on time.”

Chiara Gai

“I ordered a custom Cap-1 mRNA from RiboPro for in vivo research. The custom mRNA from RiboPro expressed as the target protein in the mammalian cell line and maintained good level of protein expression in vivo (mouse). They delivered me the mRNA product in a timely manner and gave useful comments, responses and transparency to my questions for my order. So, I would recommend users trying the RiboPro.”

Lee Jenny

“RiboPro offers not only high-quality mRNA but also very helpful and fast support on all matters concerning mRNA.”

Jana Schembera


“The high quality, stable and non-immunogenic mRNA generated by Ribopro is extremely suitable to meet our needs. The company also offers the qualified expert advice allowing the optimization of our experimental protocols.”

Prof. Dr. Elena Levtchenko

Professor at KU Leuven

“RiboPro provided both the expert support and synthesized the high-quality mRNA to make our first gene manipulation experiments a resounding success. Furthermore, RiboPro was able to provide the mRNA constructs at an inordinate speed.”

Aviad Pato

Head of research at Gamida Cell

“Initially my results with mRNA were suboptimal, however with the support and dedication from the professionals at RiboPro, I was able to further optimize my experiments in such a way that my experiments turned out more successful.”

Jitske Jansen

Post-doc researcher Radboudumc


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