RiboPro was founded in 2020 as an independent company to provide custom mRNA synthesis as a service by the same founders, who previously delivered the same service for more than 3 years in their mRNA-specialized R&D company Mercurna. Mercurna stopped this service in order to focus on its internal development programs.

Our mission

By providing researchers with high-performance RNA products, we aim to enable the next medical revolution, because we believe that mRNA is the tool to accelerate research, revolutionize vaccine development, and create break-through therapies. We believe that all the motivation and disease/drug-development knowledge needed to change the world is already out there, in the heads of doctors, pharmacists and life-science researchers. All that is needed now is access to high-quality mRNA and the expertise to use it effectively. It is our mission to give you that access, to be your partner for life-changing discoveries and medicines. This mission drives us, fills us with intrinsic motivation and is the reason to start RiboPro.

Our expertise

Our scientific team at RiboPro consists of experts in the fields of in vitro transcribed mRNA, nanomedicine/drug delivery vehicles and organ targeting. Based on their research, we have developed a proprietary mRNA platform, we like to call RiboPerform, which solves the problem of mRNA-induced immunity, yielding high-level expression in vitro and in vivo. But a good mRNA does not automatically make a great experiment or therapy, thus we pay great attention to the needs of our customers, to provide the best possible experience in the successful use of our mRNA products. As part of that, we help our customers not only with the design and synthesis of high-performance mRNA, but also with the planning of experiments, choice and production of delivery vehicles and sketching out a path to the clinic or market. And in the course of commercialization, we also offer exclusive licenses on certain mRNA’s.

Our Big-Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

Our audacious goal is that in 10 years, we have helped researchers make 10,000 scientific discoveries, create 1000 new potential treatments, launch 100 new start-ups and bring at least 10 treatments to the market for 1 better world. We want to be the premier partner in RNA and RNA-medicines, enabling every life-science researcher to change the world.

Our core team

Sander van Asbeck, MSc
CEO & co-founder

Linkedin profile Sander

Silvy van Tuijl, MSc

Linkedin profile Silvy

Jürgen Dieker, PhD
CSO & co-founder

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Marc Penders, MSc
Head of production

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Andreas Kompatscher, PhD

Linkedin profile Andreas

Prof. Dr. Roland Brock, PhD
Chair supervisory board & co-founder

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