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Thank you for your interest in RIBOPRO, please check back soon as we are about to publish some exciting new vacancies.
These include:

  • Multiple nanomedicine/(lipid)nanoparticle vacancies
  • Internship Sustainability improvement mRNA production & shipping
Cooperative colleagues

People you will work closely with

Open popup about Marc Penders

Marc Penders

Head of Production
  • 3+ yrs of experience
  • R&D-grade mfg.
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Saskia Dijkstra

Technician - R&D products
  • 15+ yrs of experience
  • mRNA & DNA

Iris Riswick

  • 1+ yrs of experience
  • mRNA & DNA

Lorenz Blankers

Lab assistant
  • 5+ yrs of experience
  • Science & lab

Join our fast growing startup

Our mission

​It is our mission to revolutionize medicine by being the most innovative and supportive technology partner for RNA-therapy pioneers.
Together, we will create scientific breakthroughs, bring novel, better medicines to the patient, or address other societal challenges, such as the environment.


Culture & values

We value a collaborative culture, where together we make the difference. As a start-up, we have to get things done, grow, innovate with just a few people, but we know, together we can get it done.
We do not shy away from an experiment and accept that failing is part of the learning curve. As long as we keep on learning, it is not a waste.


About us

We started RIBOPRO from a desire to help innovators around the world bring new medicines to the patient. We believed access to high-quality material and to technologies that affect the performance of the drug were critical to that mission. Thus, through in-house research, we developed both the manufacturing processes for high quality mRNA and LNPs, and developed novel technologies to boost the performance of the mRNA/gain control over the delivery. These technologies not only provide better outcomes, but also provide freedom to operate in an otherwise competitive marketplace.

We go beyond. Beyond the expected, by challenging the status quo. By thinking ahead and working harder we achieve more. For us going above and beyond is our daily routine. We do so because we have a clear vision of the rewards when we do.

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