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What is dummy RNA?

Dummy RNA is the most affordable RNA analog, with near-identical physical properties as full-length mRNA. It consists of the full RNA sequence, including 5'UTR, coding sequence and 3'UTR. Then, the A-tail is attached to the desired length, exactly the same as for full-length mRNA. The only part that is omitted is the cap, which is the most expensive part of any mRNA, regardless of whether it is attached enzymatically or co-transcriptionally (with ARCA or similar). Because the cap is missing, no protein expression can be expected from dummy RNA. In addition to being a cost-saver, omitting the cap removes the need for cap-specific quality control, and simplifies the synthesis protocol.

Dummy RNA is mostly used in applications where protein expression is not a pre-requisite outcome and cost is an issue due to the volume/amount of RNA to be used. Depending on the application, other purity enhancing and/or RNA modifying, steps may be excluded. For example, for CMC scale-up experiments, dsRNA removal, dephosphorylation and the associated QC may be omitted, further reducing the cost.

RiboPro is very interested in any other applications requiring dummy RNA, so please contact us to discuss the details.

Inspiration & validation

A few examples of what can be done with dummy RNA

LNP formulation scale-up

The most frequent use of dummy RNA is for scaling up and CMC validation of a particular nanoparticle technology, usually lipid nano-particles. The value of our dummy RNA is that it is physically extremely similar to the full-length mRNA, differing only in the cap, but is at the same time a lot cheaper. As such, the nano-particles will form/behave the exact same as with the much more expensive mRNA.

Especially for milliliter scales and above, and a typical use of mg/ml concentrations of mRNA, dummy RNA can save significant costs.

We are proud to support multiple biotechs, including our friends at Mercurna, with their therapy/vaccine development via our affordable dummy RNA.

Structural studies of RNA

(m)RNA is known to be highly folded via Watson-Crick base-pairing, resulting in impactful secondary structures. To study these structures and the therapeutic modification of those, large amounts of high purity RNA may be required, depending on the technique used.

RiboPro supports the development of at least 2 therapies with structured dummy RNA.

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