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Our FLuc mRNA is ready to use, provided at 1mg/ml in RNAse-free water or buffer and contains no detectable protein or dsRNA. The ideal starting material for your experiment.

Order the mRNA from our mRNArchive™ below, add the options you like, such as aliquoting in custom volumes, instantly see the price and simply add to your cart to order. If in stock, you will typically receive your mRNA within the next few days.

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Standard FLuc mRNA

In the menu below, please select the amount you like to order. The mRNA is by default delivered as 1mg/ml in a single tube. Aliquoting may be selected from the options below. For large orders aliquoting of OTS-mRNA is free.

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Firefly luciferase (FLuc) is the most well-known luciferase and a frequently used research tool, valued in applications where low background is important.

RiboPro’s FLuc mRNA harbors several mutations (protein level) that enhance the folding and increase the stability of the protein, so you can detect even the lowest of protein expression levels. In addition, our FLuc mRNA has optimized UTRs, >95% capping (Cap1) and has extraordinary low levels of dsRNA, ensuring high activity and low toxicity.

Additional information


Yellow-green luminescence


Luminescence at em. max 550




None, background signal with J2 Ab, None, background signal with MCP-1 assay


N50D, N119G, T214A, A215L, I232A, F295L, E354K, D404N, C-terminal SKL->IAV


Cap1 (methylation on first nucleotide downstream of cap), 95%+ capping


150-nt A-tail


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