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Welcome to the RiboPro website: your one-stop shop for long RNAs, such as messenger RNA and long non-coding RNA, and all the tools you need to use RNA in your experiments.

RNA is a great research tool and can be a powerful therapeutic.

Especially interesting use cases are:
  • Protein expression in hard-to-transfect cells
  • Gene dosing studies
  • RNA folding studies
  • Vaccine development
  • Protein replacement therapeutics
Imagine what you could do with RNA:
  • Discover the function/activity of a gene directly in patient material
  • Get high transfection rates in any cell-type
  • Make pluripotent stem cells with high efficiency from any source
  • Differentiate stem cells directly via transcription factors
  • Develop much better treatment options for a terrible disease

Anything is possible with high quality RNA!

mRNA translation
RNAse destroying RNA

RNAse has traditionally been one of the biggest barriers to successful use of RNA in research and therapy. And therefore, RiboPro has developed several solutions:

  • RiboPro custom synthesis service
    During synthesis, purification and post-purification handling steps, the RNA is very sensitive to RNAse-mediated degradation. RiboPro has developed a ultra-clean process that keeps RNAses away from start to finish. So, instead of battling RNAse in your own lab, why not let us worry about that? We will deliver you pure, intact RNA, every time, for sequences up to thousands of nucleotides long.   
  • RiboPro RNA kits
    Contamination with RNAse during experimentation is another threat to your experiment. For that, RiboPro offers several RNAse-free products that help you keep your precious RNA clean, including RNAse-free tips, RNAse-free buffers, RNA transfection reagents and more. The best thing is; you can assemble a kit by yourself and get everything you need and pay for nothing more. Sounds like a lot of work? Let us know what you will use the RNA for and we will make a suggestion.

Another major barrier for the use of RNA is the activation of the innate immune system upon entry in the cell. 

The majority of eukaryotic cells have several sensor that discriminate self from non-self RNA. Upon detection of non-self RNA, often a anti-viral response is initiated that results in:

  • Repression of protein translation (specific and global mRNA)
  • Enhanced degradation of RNA
  • Production of pro-inflammatory cytokines

As a solution, RiboPro takes great care to build RNA that resembles the natural product as close as possible. For this, we have the following tools available:

  • Proprietary method to detect and improve capping efficiency
  • Highly effective method of reducing dsRNA contamination
  • Proprietary algorithm that reduces the immunogenicity of the RNA as well as the use of modified nucleotides

Taken together, RiboPro RNA is highly active and has low immunogenicity.

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