mRNA – a short-cut to results

With the COVID-19 pandemic having reached all countries in Europe and most across the world, we have been hit by a tsunami of scaring news. Fortunately, several vaccines and medicines are in development.

Messenger RNA-based vaccines are being developed with extra-ordinary speed. On January 11, the sequence of Covid-19 was released, and within two months, the first volunteer was injected with an mRNA-based vaccine. If proven safe and effective, healthcare workers may benefit this fall already, before commercial release next year.

This case exemplifies the speed that mRNA can bring to drug research and development. In fact, messenger RNA can also be a short-cut for your research in the following ways:

–              mRNA provides easy transfection of difficult-to-transfect non-dividing, differentiated cell
               lines, without a lengthy optimization process.

–              mRNA provides rapid protein expression with detectable protein expression after only six
               hours, thus avoiding compensatory responses, and accelerating the acquisition of results.

–              mRNA allows for excellent quantitative control of expression levels over five orders of
               magnitude, thus avoiding toxicity due to high protein levels (over-expression).

–              mRNA-based strategies for generation of inducing pluripotent stem cells are faster and more efficient than those with DNA, while preventing the risk of random genomic insertion affecting gene expression.

In short, mRNA can be employed to obtain results in traditionally difficult experiments faster and more reliable than DNA or other technologies.

Not so long ago, we were academic researchers ourselves and that is why we can imagine the difficulties arising from a forced stop of your experiments. At RiboPro, we want to help you get ready for when laboratories reopen.

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Team RiboPro