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RiboPro receives MIT feasibility grant

RiboPro was awarded a €20,000 MIT grant by the province of Gelderland to investigate the feasibility and business merits of mRNA-delivery vehicle combinations.

Project details
RiboPro provides academic and industrial parties with high-quality messenger RNA for research and development. For most applications, the messenger RNA requires a delivery vehicle to reach optimal activity in the cell. Commercial delivery solutions that can be combined with the separately purchased messenger RNA exist, but determining the optimal mRNA-delivery combination then become a responsibility of and a burden for the customer.

To lower the barrier of customers to use messenger RNA, RiboPro will investigate the feasibility of combining in-house the ordered messenger RNA with a delivery vehicle and shipping a completely characterized product to the client.

The benefits would include a lower barrier to entry for novice mRNA users, a higher level of standardization, better comparability to alternative approaches, lower overall costs, and a shorter time to results and publication.

Thus far, there is to our knowledge no party that delivers both high-quality, sequence-optimized (optional) messenger RNA and delivery vehicles, and it is RiboPro’s ambition to be the first to deliver this fully integrated service.

This feasibility study investigates the IP, commercial and scientific challenges to develop and launch this new product and service.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Webshop launches 1st of March

The wait is almost over! RiboPro’s webshop is nearly ready for scientist and developers to order custom or off-the-shelf RNA against competitive rates and turn-around times.

Over the last weeks, the RiboPro team has worked hard to code and test the webshop, and get the back-end system ready to receive orders. With several details still to go, we expect to be able to launch our website officially by the 1st of March. We hope to see you then!

If you have a deadline or you are just very excited to get started; please know that we already accept orders via email. Contact us and we will serve you with a quotation within 24 hours.

Kind regards,
The RiboPro team

Btw, did you know that before starting RiboPro, our team has produced custom mRNA for customers for over 2 years? And that 100% of our customers returned for more?

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RiboPro webshop coming soon!

Welcome to the RiboPro website: your one-stop shop for mRNA & lncRNA, as well as everything you need for your RNA experiments.

Over the next few weeks, we will be finalizing our website and webshop to provide you with an easy, quick and reliable way to order high quality RNA for your projects. But you do not need to wait to use our services; until then, you can order by sending an email via our contact page.  We also welcome any general questions or comments you might have.

RiboPro: high quality RNA for your success.

The RiboPro team