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New products – Launch of RNAse-testing service

RNAses are a major concern for everyone working with messenger RNA, since minor contamination with RNAse can quickly compromise the mRNA in your sample or application. When ordering mRNA from RiboPro, you can be sure that the mRNA solution itself and all buffers, tubes and other materials are completely RNAse-free. However, adding the mRNA to 3rd party solutions, buffers or other materials carries a substantial risk of introducing RNAse contamination.

To offer scientist more control of those variables in their experiments and to allow them to eliminate sources of RNAse, RiboPro is launching a new RNAse-testing service. Customers can send small volumes of the suspected source of contamination to RiboPro and within 24h after receipt of the sample will receive a comprehensible outcome on the level or absence of RNAse contamination.

The product page will launch in 2 weeks, until then please request this service via our contact page.

To that end, RiboPro is developing a kit of RNAse-free solutions, swabs, tips and pre-paid shipping envelops allowing customers to send samples quickly, hassle-free and from any place, at any time.

For customers requiring a even shorter turn-around time, RiboPro is developing a RNAse-detection kit compatible with a wide range of pH, temperatures and background fluorescence. Following the protocol, customers can test their own samples on their plate reader after a 2 hours to overnight incubation step with longer incubations leading to a higher sensitivity.

Do you have questions about RNAse, RNAse-testing, or combating RNAse? Get in touch with us via the contact page; we are happy to help!

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New products – Fluorescent reporters

RiboPro is currently developing several fluorescent protein reporter mRNAs that will soon be added to the product catalog. These constructs are useful for optimization of delivery vehicles or mRNA constructs, identification of target cells, cell tracking, as negative and positive controls, and more.

Reporters that will be added are turquoise, green, yellow and red fluorescent proteins, allowing the opportunity to combine multiple reporters. Constructs with average and strong expression, as well as average and long half-lives will be available to match experimental requirements.

These messenger RNAs will be available as off-the-shelf products with fast delivery times, and as building blocks to the custom mRNA synthesis. The latter allows the synthesis conditions and modification choices to be matched with other custom mRNAs or adapted to experimental needs. For example, the fluorescent protein coding sequence may be combined with custom 5′ or 3′ UTRs to study the effect of a specific UTR on protein expression.

Is your favorite reporter not available yet? Please contact us and we will see what we can do.