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RiboPro welcomes a new team member

On the 27th of July 2020, the RiboPro team welcomed a new member: Marc Penders.

Marc is a driven professional, with previous entrepreneurial experience. He joined RiboPro to aid in the development of our next generation of mRNA products, with a focus on further enhanced user-friendliness. The plug-and-play solutions from Marc’s project will contribute to our BHAG; to have helped researchers make 10,000 scientific discoveries and create 1000 new potential treatments by 2030.  

Want to get in touch with Marc? Use the form below, and he will get back to you.

Please fill in the email address at which our tech support can reach you. We respect you privacy and will not use this email address for other reasons than tech support.
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Please be as precise as possible, so we can give you the best support.

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New products – Launch of RNAse-testing service

RNAses are a major concern for everyone working with messenger RNA, since minor contamination with RNAse can quickly compromise the mRNA in your sample or application. When ordering mRNA from RiboPro, you can be sure that the mRNA solution itself and all buffers, tubes and other materials are completely RNAse-free. However, adding the mRNA to 3rd party solutions, buffers or other materials carries a substantial risk of introducing RNAse contamination.

To offer scientist more control of those variables in their experiments and to allow them to eliminate sources of RNAse, RiboPro is launching a new RNAse-testing service. Customers can send small volumes of the suspected source of contamination to RiboPro and within 24h after receipt of the sample will receive a comprehensible outcome on the level or absence of RNAse contamination.

The product page will launch in 2 weeks, until then please request this service via our contact page.

To that end, RiboPro is developing a kit of RNAse-free solutions, swabs, tips and pre-paid shipping envelops allowing customers to send samples quickly, hassle-free and from any place, at any time.

For customers requiring a even shorter turn-around time, RiboPro is developing a RNAse-detection kit compatible with a wide range of pH, temperatures and background fluorescence. Following the protocol, customers can test their own samples on their plate reader after a 2 hours to overnight incubation step with longer incubations leading to a higher sensitivity.

Do you have questions about RNAse, RNAse-testing, or combating RNAse? Get in touch with us via the contact page; we are happy to help!

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New products – Fluorescent reporters

RiboPro is currently developing several fluorescent protein reporter mRNAs that will soon be added to the product catalog. These constructs are useful for optimization of delivery vehicles or mRNA constructs, identification of target cells, cell tracking, as negative and positive controls, and more.

Reporters that will be added are turquoise, green, yellow and red fluorescent proteins, allowing the opportunity to combine multiple reporters. Constructs with average and strong expression, as well as average and long half-lives will be available to match experimental requirements.

These messenger RNAs will be available as off-the-shelf products with fast delivery times, and as building blocks to the custom mRNA synthesis. The latter allows the synthesis conditions and modification choices to be matched with other custom mRNAs or adapted to experimental needs. For example, the fluorescent protein coding sequence may be combined with custom 5′ or 3′ UTRs to study the effect of a specific UTR on protein expression.

Is your favorite reporter not available yet? Please contact us and we will see what we can do.

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RiboPro receives MIT feasibility grant

RiboPro was awarded a €20,000 MIT grant by the province of Gelderland to investigate the feasibility and business merits of mRNA-delivery vehicle combinations.

Project details
RiboPro provides academic and industrial parties with high-quality messenger RNA for research and development. For most applications, the messenger RNA requires a delivery vehicle to reach optimal activity in the cell. Commercial delivery solutions that can be combined with the separately purchased messenger RNA exist, but determining the optimal mRNA-delivery combination then become a responsibility of and a burden for the customer.

To lower the barrier of customers to use messenger RNA, RiboPro will investigate the feasibility of combining in-house the ordered messenger RNA with a delivery vehicle and shipping a completely characterized product to the client.

The benefits would include a lower barrier to entry for novice mRNA users, a higher level of standardization, better comparability to alternative approaches, lower overall costs, and a shorter time to results and publication.

Thus far, there is to our knowledge no party that delivers both high-quality, sequence-optimized (optional) messenger RNA and delivery vehicles, and it is RiboPro’s ambition to be the first to deliver this fully integrated service.

This feasibility study investigates the IP, commercial and scientific challenges to develop and launch this new product and service.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Supporting the fight against COVID19 and DiseaseX

Using our expertise in RNA, Mercurna and RiboPro are joining the fight against SARS-COV-2 (which is an RNA virus) by supporting the development of a next-generation face mask.

The new mask is under development by start-up Lumaero and uses innovative technology and design for improved comfort, ease of use and protection (both of wearer and surroundings). The mask does not use any consumable parts and may be useful for healthcare professionals and private individuals.

Mercurna and RiboPro contribute to the development by testing the destruction of RNA, as a measure of viral inactivation, by the mask. We are thankful for the support by the Pivot Park for these activities.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Business continuity during COVID-19 crisis

RiboPro is working diligently to ensure safety of our employees, prevent the spread of COVID-19, while maintaining continuous access to our products and services.  

Our manufacturing and distribution process remains fully operational, and we are able to process orders with our regular timelines.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

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Webshop launches 1st of March

The wait is almost over! RiboPro’s webshop is nearly ready for scientist and developers to order custom or off-the-shelf RNA against competitive rates and turn-around times.

Over the last weeks, the RiboPro team has worked hard to code and test the webshop, and get the back-end system ready to receive orders. With several details still to go, we expect to be able to launch our website officially by the 1st of March. We hope to see you then!

If you have a deadline or you are just very excited to get started; please know that we already accept orders via email. Contact us and we will serve you with a quotation within 24 hours.

Kind regards,
The RiboPro team

Btw, did you know that before starting RiboPro, our team has produced custom mRNA for customers for over 2 years? And that 100% of our customers returned for more?

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RiboPro webshop coming soon!

Welcome to the RiboPro website: your one-stop shop for mRNA & lncRNA, as well as everything you need for your RNA experiments.

Over the next few weeks, we will be finalizing our website and webshop to provide you with an easy, quick and reliable way to order high quality RNA for your projects. But you do not need to wait to use our services; until then, you can order by sending an email via our contact page.  We also welcome any general questions or comments you might have.

RiboPro: high quality RNA for your success.

The RiboPro team